Exercise Equipment

It’s a fact of life most exercise machines are designed with men in mind. The bulky machines that are meant to increase muscle strength to Herculean proportions are not always the best for a woman. Since women, however, have begun to dive into the fitness scene with zeal, manufacturers are starting to get the hint. Some machines are being designed with options that enable resistance changes to match both men and women’s needs – others companies are creating exercise equipment for the home gym specifically designed for the female physique.

Women’s fitness equipment manufacturers build machines that are specifically designed to meet a female user’s needs. Let’s face it, we tend to be smaller, desire less “bulking up” and need home exercise machines designed to fit our bodies. We, however, don’t want to be short changed with a “kiddie” version.

Women’s training is just as demanding as a man’s. We want it all – total body workout, aerobic exercises, toning, shaping and even muscle building. What most women do not want, however, is equipment that will make us look like body builders. Fit, trim, tone and muscular are great – huge generally is not.

Home gyms and training equipment specifically made for the fitter woman can include lightweight strength training systems, exercise resistance bands, body sculpting and toning systems, water-filled dumbbells (aqua bells), even baby jogging strollers.

When looking at fitness or home exercise equipment, whether it’s specifically designed for a woman or meant to be unisex, women should pay attention to a few things. Just like anyone equipping homes with private gyms, it’s important to review the options available and compare quality , warranties and durability reports. It’s also vital to decide what you hope to achieve and to buy machines that fit the bill.

Rowing Machines For Home Use

Rowing Machine

The best rowing machines for home use provide low-impact workouts that benefit the entire body. Arms, legs, chest, back, stomach and even heart muscles all come into play when using a rower. As a rowing program continues, the entire body reaps the rewards as muscles are toned, tightened and strengthened and endurance levels rise. If money is an issue, a used rowing machine can help eliminate this concern while not having to sacrifice quality.

Used rowers can be bought online, but just because the price tag is low doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Reasonably priced machines can be bought from the merchants featured on this site. Just look for the ‘used equipment’ category. The best machine, regardless of price, will provide a person looking for a rower a few basic things. The extras over and above this aren’t necessarily needed for a home rowing program.

A used home rowing machine will provide both aerobic conditioning and strength training, making rowers the ideal equipment for all-around fitness activities. One of the top machines is the water rower which uses water in its poly-carbonate tank to pleasantly simulate the sound and feel of outdoor rowing.

Some of the better machines also come with adjustable frames to accommodate people who are tall and those who might be of slighter build. In addition, a better machine – even a used one – will provide some sort of feedback system. A readout that shows time, distance, stroke and even calories burned is important for helping the rower know what’s necessary to keep a workout moving forward as fitness levels progress. Ideally, a rowing program will start at one level and as time passes the person will be able to gradually increase the difficulty. A used machine is the best way to bring this wonderful outdoor sport into your home for year round training.

A Stair Stepper For Your Home Gym

Why would you consider a stair stepping machine for your home gym? Because home is where the heart is. It’s also where more and more people are increasingly building their own gyms to exercise the heart — along with abs, lats and every other body part that can benefit from a little regular lubrication. Home exercise equipment such as treadmills have been the runaway favorite for years, but is it the best exerciser for you? Have you considered a stair stepper?

The exercise steppers have complete display readouts with all the resistance adjustments and info on distance, calories burned, etc. Steppers can be considered as a workout by themselves or they are a great cross training tool to mix with other aerobic activities such as biking or walking.

Some of the great benefits a stair stepping machine offers is the low shock to the body while providing a high intensity exercise, and some people find it easy to read while stepping. Steppers have been a popular way to get into shape for years since they simulate climbing stairs, but instead of actual steps they use alternating pedals or platforms. In addition to the great aerobic exercise, adding a stepper to your home gym will help you get into shape for activities such as hiking or skiing.

You use a stair stepper by speeding up or slowing down the stepping rate and control the amount of resistance. Thus, you are able to choose the intensity of the exercise and make better adjustments as needed. As your step ability increases, so will your need for increased stepping resistance.

It’s one of the best ways to work the legs, but steppers also place emphasis on the glutes, and incorporate some additional calorie burning cardio. Many people don’t perform cardio after an intense leg/glute workout, because it’s just so intense. With stair steppers, you’ve found a better exercise for a full body workout.